About Us
major energy users

The Major Energy Users, Inc brought together in 2005 a number of regional energy advocacy groups representing the interests of large consumers of energy. These regional groups had been advocating in the interestst of large energy users for over a decade before the Major Energy Users was formed. The Energy Markets Reform Forum was first established in 1996 and was followed later by the Energy Consumers Coalition of SA and Energy Users Coalition of Victoria, both in 2001. After its establishment, the Major Energy Users created regional groups in the Northern territory (NT Major Energy Users) and in Western Australia (WA Major Energy Users).

What We Do

The Major Energy Users is an advocate for large users of energy and in this role it provides input into all apsects of the energy markets, including to Federal and State Governments (including the Standing Council on Energy and Resources) and the energy market institutions of Australian Energy Markets Commission, Australian Energy Regulator, the Australian Energy Markets Operator, the WA's Economic Regulation Authority and Indepependent Market Operator, and the NT Utilities Commission.

As part of the service we provide to our members, the Major Energy Users also gives advice to members on:
what is happening in the Australian energy markets
specific concerns and issues they may have regarding their energy supplies.

Our Statement of Purpose

1. To ensure that an energy supply environment is developed and maintained for industry that is conducive to growth and long term sustainable investment having regard to Australia's comparative advantage of low cost high quality raw materials.

2. To actively pursue the interests of energy users in Australia to ensure the highest practicable quality, reliability and longevity of electricity and gas supplies are made available to energy users, at the lowest appropriate delivered cost to them.

3. To devote specific attention to the energy supply interests of large energy intensive industry including the members of the Energy Consumers Coalition of SA, the Energy Markets Reform Forum in NSW, the Energy Users Coalition of Victoria, the NT Major Energy Users and the WA Major Energy Users.